Top 10 essential oils for beginners

Kit of essential oils


When it comes to essential oils, there are so many different kinds available. Some smell like flowers, some smell like spices, some smell like fruit, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the choices.

Getting started with essential oils is an exciting way to take your health into your own hands. While individual health goals may vary from person to person, family to family, these ten oils are the most popular to start with for the all-encompassing health benefits as a kit. Plus, when they come as a kit, you save money! It’s a win-win!

*As a general disclaimer, please keep in mind that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


One of the most popular essential oils on the market today is lemon. The reason being, it is so versatile. You can use lemon oil to flavor food/drinks, clean surfaces, purify the air, and even promote a positive mood.


Even if you haven’t heard of many essential oils, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of lavender oil. This oil is a traditionally calming oil which can be added to your laundry, bath water, and even to coconut oil to help minor skin irritations.


This oil is one that has a few surprising benefits to it. Beyond the strong, fresh, menthol aroma, peppermint oil can help promote healthy respiratory function and your digestive health. Beyond helping you, this oil is also a natural bug repellent.


Also known as Tea Tree oil, melaleuca is known for its purifying and cleansing properties. Whether you are using it to purify the air, or to help you cleanse your skin, or scalp, there are many different uses for this fresh, earthy smelling oil.


To many in the business, Frankincense is known as “The King of Oils.” You may even hear, if you are struggling with something and don’t know which oil to use, use Frankincense. This oil can promote your immune system from a cellular level and can even help lessen the appearance of skin imperfections.


One of the oils many people don’t know what to do with is oregano oil. In our home, we use it in the kitchen because we don’t always have access to fresh herbs and spices. But beyond that, it is another great purifying and cleansing oil to help promote your health.


This oil is a proprietary blend of oils that is used to maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. In our home, we actually call this oil the “marriage saver” as it promotes open airways during sleep and seems to help my husband sleep more soundly, snoring less.


With ingredients such as ginger and peppermint plant, DigestZen is another proprietary blend of oils that can aid in your digestion. It can even help to ease some stomach discomfort such as gas, bloating, motion sickness and more.

On Guard

Possibly one of the most popular blends on the market, On Guard is a protective blend used to support the immune system. It can help to protect you against environmental threats, and support your immune system from a cellular level.

Deep Blue (5mL)

The last proprietary blend to be included in this kit is Deep Blue. This blend is best used to soothe tense muscles as it has a cooling effect. It can also be used in a massage to help lessen tension.

Why buy these oils in a kit?

This kit comes with 9 15mL pure essential oils, and 1 5mL bottle. Buying it as a kit not only offers you a chance to get familiar with more oils, but there is also a discount that gets applied as well as a year’s membership to save 25% percent (plus other great benefits, more on that later)!

As an added bonus this package also offers one of the top selling diffusers as well! The Petal Diffuser is a small diffuser with the ability to run for 1, 2, or 4 hours and a light that can be turned on or off. In our house, it is the perfect diffuser for our bedroom!

Are you interested in getting more information on these 10 oils? Please contact me today and we can set up some time to talk.


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