And so our debt free journey commences


We followed the traditional path. High school, university, work force. Followed by branching out in a big city, getting our feet wet in the working world, then dog, car, house, baby. Somewhere in there was an international move, but in the grand scheme of things that was just a dop in the bucket (except Banner’s quarantine, but that’s another story).

So now we have been married almost 3 years. We had the fancy (or not) apartment in the great city of Chicago. We had our groceries delivered, had a dog walker, and ate out or ordered in at least 3 times a week (sometimes 5+ times a week)! Then we moved. We closed out our bank accounts, sold our cars, packed up our lives and shipped it overseas. We knew that living in Iceland would open up more international travel for us, but we may have been a bit naive about what that all meant. Settling down seemed to mean swiping our credit card more and more. Student loans, car loan, mortgage, we’ve got it all, and it sucks! While it may be the traditional path, it’s one we would step off if we had a chance to do it all over again. But, hindsight is 20/20. We can’t go back now, so instead we move forward.

Going forward in 2020 means strict budgeting, budget apps, using cash, and keeping a close eye on where our money is going. Cable? Canceled. Extra internet tv package? Canceled. Extra day trips to the capital? Canceled. And ultimately being up front about our journey. So many people continue to swipe, ignore their debt, and stick their heads in the sand. So if you are struggling with debt, big or small, I hope you consider sticking around. Stressing about money definitely takes some of the joy out of living, and who wants to lose joy?

We are loosely following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, with a few of our own modifications. I can’t even set a goal for when we want to be debt free, but I know that we are taking steps to get there, and that’s what matters. Run, walk, baby step, crawl, just move towards your goals. Big or small, don’t hide, make a plan, a get after it. Heck if we can, so can you!

Welcome to the inner workings of my life, I’m so happy to have you along for the ride!

Have you tackled a budget for your family? What are your favourite budget tips?

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