Order Essential Oils

If you have answered the questions from here and have decided you want to get your hands on the same essential oils I am using daily in my home, you’ve come to the right place.

Purchasing essential oils from here means you are not only helping to support my small business (thank you!!), but you are also going to get your products delivered straight from the company – no added shipping or having a 3rd party deal with your order (and credit card information).

While you could go ahead and order oils through the shop tab on my website here, it is a better deal for you to get a membership. I know this can seem like a scary idea, but this membership works a lot like a Costco or SAM’s club membership – meaning you pay a flat fee at the beginning of the year, and then you save money the rest of the year on the products. There is no contract or obligation to sell the oils, and there is no monthly quota! You really can get a membership, use it to save the 25% once or twice a year, and not think about it the rest of the year. (Though, you will be ordering more because I just KNOW you will fall in love with these oils the way that we have!).

So here’s why getting a membership is the BEST option:

  • You save 25% off retail prices (no matter how many orders you make in the year)
  • The membership fee is only $35 (or qualifying enrollment kit, contact me for more info on that here)
  • The renewal fee after your year is up is only $25 PLUS you get a free oil
  • You will qualify to earn points on each product (which you can use to buy MORE great products)
  • The longer you are a member, the more points you will earn (up to 30%)
  • No one likes shipping costs, thankfully the cost it takes to ship your oils you get back in products points (which you can use to buy products)

Ready to take control of your health and wellness? Let’s get started! Follow this link to get signed up today, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  1. Click here to get started!
  2. Select your country and language preference & fill in the required information for setting up an account.
  3. Kindly use my referral information (#4245088). If you click Verify ID, it should bring up my name (Samantha Bazely).
  4. Now onto the fun shopping step! You can select a pre-made kit, which waives the enrollment fee ($35), or you can create a custom kit and add in the “Welcome Package” to purchase your enrollment.
  5. Verify shipping information and credit card information are correct, and process that order!
  6. Welcome to the team! Stay tuned for an email to help you get started on your oily journey!